Hakkımda / About Me

English Language Teaching

I had a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language Teaching Department of Eastern Mediterranean University. In addition to that, I’m the son of a teacher and it gives me a big responsibility.

When I was eight years old, my mother started going to an English language school which was the only English language school in the town. After my mother finished her lessons, she used to go to a language school at nights and when she came home, she was telling me what she learned at school. She was explaining every lesson enthusiastically as a consequence I began to learn the English language in 1989. I often read English books and English newspapers. Honestly, as an L2 learner, I am still learning new words and trying to teach them to my students.

When I was a student at the university, I was also studying in the International Relations department. I had a lot of foreign friends who communicated with me. During the following years I realized that my next door friend, the Bulgarian knew four different foreign languages! On top of that, they start learning the English language at kindergarten in Bulgaria. The year was 1996, in that year in my country the English language was taught only at secondary schools. I promised myself that I would finish E.L.T fast, come back to my country and teach English to everyone. From 1996 to 2015, fortunately, nothing changed. However, the Turkish ministry of education has allowed the English language in the first grade at Primary school. After 19 years I really know it’s worth teaching English in the first grade. How about my students? Can they easily enrich their life learning English at a very young age? We, teachers, have to work very hard and for that reason, I decided to be an English teacher in Anatolia and I decided to teach English to my students very well.

Although everyone has a different job, everyone needs to revise his knowledge about his / her job. Open minded people can gain their target very fast. That’s why six years passed after graduation from university to learn new teaching methods or to revise the forgotten education I went to the British Council, Ankara, where I got three education program certificates in 2007. It helped me, I used all the new items in my lesson presentations. You had to see me then, I was so happy I looked as if I were reborn! After each lesson at the British Council, I was going home and then I was browsing through my E.L.T books. Some nights it took long hours to read or remember my old E.L.T education books and lecture notes. During the daytime, I was sharing all new education knowledge with my colleagues at school. I understand as a teacher I was eager to tell what I learned at the British Council. The certificates are ‘In the classroom’ – teaching to young learners, Teaching very young learners (VYLs), and ‘Methods and Approaches’ – teaching to young learners.

I have been teaching young learners English since 2003. I have been preparing my students for Cambridge English Language Assessment examinations ( from Starters to FCE ) since 1998. This was my 14th year in English language teaching education. In 2016, I earned the CELTA ( University of Cambridge ESOL Certificate in English Language Teaching Adults ) certificate with a standard PASS from International House, İzmir, TÜRKİYE.


Belgeleri görüntülemek için üzerine tıklayın.

  • In The Classroom Teaching to Young Learners / British Council
    30 hours/2007
  • Methods and Approaches teaching to Young Learners  British Council
    20 hours/2007
  • Teaching Very Young Learners British Council
    10 hours/2007
  • CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults ) International House
    120 hours/2016


Belgeleri görüntülemek için üzerine tıklayın.

  • Teaching and Assessing Young Learners  Cambridge University Press
  • Differentiated Instruction Express Publishing
  • 5. Eğitim Kongresi Yabancı Dil Öğretimi Türkiye Odalar ve Borsalar Birliği
  • Cambridge English Teacher Training Roadshow   A2 & B1   Cambridge English Assessment


  • Group Leader Cambridge / Studio Cambridge
    Cambridge 2011
  • Group Leader   Observation As a Group Leader Cambridge  / Studio Cambridge
    Cambridge 2011
  • Group Leader Cheltenham / British Study Centre
  • Group Leader Brighton / Ovingdean Hall English Language School
  • Group Leader Brighton / Embassy Summer
  • Attending workshops at Embassy Summer
    Brighton 2016
  • Group Leader London / Brunel University


  • Swan English Language School 2006
  • Penguin Reader 2009
  • Penguin Reader 2010